About Us


Maxzom Distribution is a UK-based electrical and electronic specialist created with a vision of offering exceptional value, top-performance products.

Over the years, we have successfully grown our customer base and expanding our product portfolio into many emerging technology areas. Our commitment is to deliver high quality products that meet market expectations with competitive value for money and provide great service and support expected by our customers.


Quality Commitment

We make every effort to ensure we meet your expectations,  we apply the highest standards at from product's development, manufacture sourcing, as well as quality inspection:

- All products from Maxzom must undergo and pass a comprehensive research, development and testing process before we bring it to production and market. All shipments are quality assured and checked by our local quality inspectors before dispatching from the factory into our distribution network.

- Packaging, manuals, power plugs of our products are specifically designed and produced to meet the UK market standard and appeal to UK customers.


For queries,  advices and resolve any problems when they occasionally do occur, please contact our UK based customer care team via email on customerservice@maxzom.co.uk.


Our Partners

Apart from Maxzom brand product, we are currently in strategic partnership with the tens of business partners in our distribution network.

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